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Meet The BOG Candidates

Voting for the 2024 Kentucky Justice Association Board of Governors will take place on Friday, September 8, 2023 during the 2023 Annual Convention at Omni Louisville. You must be registered for the convention to vote.


Meet the candidates for the 2024 Board of Governors below:

Governors At Large
John Abaray, Louisville
Jeff Adamson, Louisville
Lonita Baker, Louisville
Bruce Bentley, London
Greg Bubalo, Louisville
Kevin Burke, Louisville
Paul Casi, III, Louisville
Lisa Circeo, Lexington
Natalie Colliersmith, Louisville
Tony Colyer, Louisville
Nick Craddock, Louisville 
Kate Dunnington, Louisville
Matt Feltner, London
Joel Franklin, Louisville
Johnathan Fugate, Hyden
Katie Gilliam, London
Seth Gladstein, Louisville
Chris Goode, Lexington
Curt Hamilton, Henderson
Michael Hasken, Louisville
Josh Hicks, Lexington
Chauncey Hiestand, Louisville
Stacy Ivey, Bowling Green
Hannah Jamison, Lexington
Billy Johnson, Pikeville
Eric Kiser, Cincinnati
Kirk Laughlin, Louisville

Kelli Lester, Bowling Green

Joe Longmeyer, Louisville
Brandon May, Paintsville
Justin May, Louisville
Chad McCoy, Bardstown
Fred Moore, Louisville
Ann Oldfather, Louisville
Laraclay Parker, Lexington
Justin Peterson, Lexington
Hans Poppe, Louisville
Kelly Reeves, Louisville
Andre Regard, Lexington
Kevin Renfro, Louisville
Chris Rhoads, Owensboro

Jordan Stanton, Louisville

Teris Swanson, Paducah
Kathleen Thompson, Louisville
Todd Varellas, Lexington

Brian Vines, Lexington
Kevin Weis, Louisville
Nathan Williams, Campbellsville
Ben Wyman, LaGrange

Young Lawyers
Julie Anderson, Prospect
Blake Donithan, Louisville
Miles Mussetter, Louisville
Aaron Oppegard, Lexington
Taylor Richard, Louisville
Nick Thompson, Louisville
James Yoder, Lexington

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